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Richard Rubin Scholar Mentoring Program

The Richard Rubin Scholar Mentoring Program

For first-generation, underrepresented, low-income, or immigrant students, navigating Swarthmore and everything past graduation can be overwhelming.

Debby Hollister Hatch

Honoring Her Path - Debby Hollister Hatch ’72 on Including Swarthmore in Her Will

As Debby Hollister Hatch ’72 tells it, the decision to put Swarthmore College in her will began as one more item on her to-do list.

Photo of Brenda Perkins

Jody Williams ’66 passes along an “unexpected gift”

After her “baby” brother passed away a few years ago, Jody Pullen Jenkins Williams ’66 became responsible for his substantial estate. Not only was her brother “a frugal eccentric and genius stock market investor,” according to Williams, he was also a philanthropist.

Photo of Brenda Perkins

Perkins-Taylor Family Says Thanks for Educating Four Generations

It’s easy to understand why Brenda Perkins ’79 has made a gift to Swarthmore in her will: four generations of her family have attended the College ...


Maralyn Gillespie Says Thanks for Lifelong Attachment to Swarthmore with Gift Annuities

“This is just part of a lifelong attachment to an institution I am proud to have been part of.”


A Legacy of Support: Early Gifts that Helped Shape Swarthmore

One of the key figures of Swarthmore's history is Frank Aydelotte, the College's seventh president. President Aydelotte, who served from 1921 to 1940, is best remembered for the 1922 introduction of the Honors Program that has shaped the College into the world-class institution we know today.

Photo of Bob Barr

Bob Barr ’56: A Lifetime of Supporting Swarthmore Students

A lifetime commitment to helping students continues with a scholarship fund to support future generations of Swarthmore students.


Priscilla Crago ’53: Placing Trust in Swarthmore and Endowing a Chair to Honor Her Parents

Priscilla fulfilled one of her most ambitious philanthropic aspirations—the funding of an endowed chair at Swarthmore.


Barbara and Peter Setlow '64: A Swarthmore Family Legacy of Scientific Achievements

The family tradition of Swarthmore graduates has now passed to the next generation—a legacy that spans over 70 years.


Kenneth (Ken) W. DeFontes, Jr.: Gifts to Give Back

"My life has been incredibly blessed. None of that would have been possible without the opportunity Swarthmore presented to me."


James H. ’58 and Margaret C. Miller: Gift Creates Summer Internships for Environmental Preservation

“My wife and I are committed to preserving creation. It’s a place where our theology and commitments are closely interwoven.”

Dr. Lawrence Phillips '63

Dr. Lawrence Phillips ’63:
Lasting Life Lessons

For Dr. Lawrence Phillips ’63, academic rigor and a search for knowledge are Swarthmore hallmarks that have served him well for close to 50 years. 


Catherine “Cay” Roberts ’63: Gift Annuity Supports “Class of 1963 Scholarship”

“I wanted to do a gift annuity because I would like income from the money I donate. The flexible part means that although I donated it in 2010, I can start the annuity whenever I want. If I start it later, I will get more income per year than if I start it earlier.” 

Richard Wilson '73 and Emily Howe Wilson '72

Richard S. Wilson ’73 and Emily Howe Wilson ’72: A Gift in Gratitude for Swarthmore’s Influence on Their Lives

For 34 years, the Swarthmore education of Emily Howe Wilson ’72 caused tension with other managers in the Brown County Library system—for the right reasons.

Peg Allen '50

Peg Allen ’50: Sustaining Swarthmore Through Gift Annuities

At Swarthmore Margaret “Peg” Allen met interesting people, had passionate conversations, and formed lifelong friendships.

Margaret Nordstrom ’70

Margaret Nordstrom ’70: Preservation Activism Leads Alumna Into Politics

In her capacity as director of the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Margaret Nordstrom ’70 regularly wields a gavel as she presides over numerous committee meetings and public sessions.

Scott Cowger ’82

Going Green Feels and Tastes Good for Scott Cowger ’82 and His Visitors

Mornings arrive at Maple Hill Farm with a colorful feast of wild Maine blueberry pancakes, north woods syrup, fruits and berries, orange juice, Fair Trade coffee, and cooked-to-order eggs gathered from the farm’s free-range chickens—all served in an atmosphere ripe with green initiatives.

Carol Dubivsky Becker ’57

Carol Dubivsky Becker ’57:
Ensuring a Swarthmore Education for Future Generations

From her first day on campus, Carol met people who knew about folk music, had never seen the ocean, had vacationed in Europe, and had been conscientious objectors. Listening to students who were unafraid to question and debate political issues and government policies led Carol to major in political science and international relations.

Laurie Welch ’73

Laurie Welch ’73: Promoting a Better World Through Gift Planning

Laurie Welch attended Swarthmore during a time of social unrest, and she was proud of the fact that the College community was actively engaged in the issues and sought out ways to bring about change. She hopes her legacy at Swarthmore will help continue the College’s tradition of cultivating people who strive to make the world a better place.

Carolyn Field ’48

Carolyn Field ’48:
Crafting a Musical Path

During a move to New York City from Texas, Carolyn Field’s ’48 beloved and well-used cello incurred some damage. She found that the cost of repair would have exceeded the instrument’s value. The instrument, she admits, “was not of a very high quality.”

Doug Blair ’70, Ann Reichelderfer ’72, and family

Doug Blair ’70 and Ann Reichelderfer ’72: Alumni Couple Combines Scholarship Support and Retirement Planning

Ann Reichelderfer ’72, an attorney, and Doug Blair ’70, an economics professor and university administrator, have shared each others’ lives since meeting at The Phoenix in 1968. One of their many common interests is birding. When they want to forget work and enjoy a few hours of togetherness and tranquility, they head to their favorite wetland in southern New Jersey.

Katie Ritter ’79

Katie Ritter ’79:
Sidetracked by Swarthmore!

Kathryn “Katie” Ritter ’79 values the liberal arts education she received at Swarthmore. “It was in that remarkable community that I truly learned to respect everyone’s dignity and differences,” she says. She and her husband have made an unrestricted bequest to Swarthmore, but Katie hopes it may be used for financial aid. The Swarthmore experience—even if it can sidetrack you—is one she wants to share!

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The material presented on this Planned Giving website is not offered as legal or tax advice.
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